Announcing The Alliance of Maryland Podcasts

The evolution of Podcasting in Maryland Starts Now

Maryland Podcast Month is now The Alliance of Maryland Podcasts.

The Alliance shares the same goals as Maryland Podcast Month: we are podcasts and podcasters who have come together to promote the growth, development, and promotion of podcasts based in the state of Maryland.

Our goal remains the same; to bring podcasts of all stripes together to cross-collaborate and cross-promote in order to create more opportunities for podcasts to get new listeners. This effort is non-partisan and non-ideological and hopes to bring together all sorts of locally produced content, including podcasts about news, politics, sports, life, culture, food, wrestling, and whatever else is out there.

If it’s produced in Maryland or has primarily a Maryland Audience, we want them to be a part of this effort.

New name, same goals. Even our Twitter and Facebook presences will remain the same, just with a new name.

Please invite your friends and colleagues to join us here.


The Alliance of Maryland Podcasts is the successor to Maryland Podcast Month, and will continue to promote Maryland Podcast Month every May as our flagship event. Some of the activities The Alliance will undertake include:

  • Promoting Maryland Podcast Month;

  • Organizing and promoting the Maryland Podcast Awards;

  • Podcaster profiles;

  • Podcaster events;

  • Promotion Maryland based content.

We are asking that podcasts and podcasters join The Alliance by completing a simple Google Form. Even if you have previously been a participant in Maryland Podcast Month, we are asking you to update your contact information. Please click here to complete the form to formally join the Alliance.

We are looking forward to working together to continue to grow our Podcast Community. The evolution of Podcasting in Maryland Starts Now.